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Im writing this to let you all know , how bad self harm actually is . At firts the will be just some cat scraches and you will think that you ca control it . But you are wrong . The cuts each time will be deeper and uncontrolable , the cuts will start to dpread all over your body. You will start to lie , you will find excuses for wearing long sleaves and not going swimming , you will liet to the new people you meet just so they don’t judge you . You will find it very hard to open up to people , and when they see your cuts you will make up some stupid excuses . Please do not selfharm and if you do I know how you feel things might be hard right now but belive me they will get better . Just please ask your self one question ….. Is it worth it ? Take your time to heal tallk to somone I know its hard but just try , take time to try to explai how u feel . If the other person is willing to use thair time to listen to u , you can trust them .


I wrote this because people tell me I’m over reacting and to get over it. But I really can’t. People don’t really understand what and how I’m feeling. I’m just misunderstood. So I wrote this poem for all you to read and realize my fears are actually true. Everyone Lies  you say your there for me but when I really open up to you , you just don’t want to see you act like you care but when I have these thoughts and break downs I ring and your never there you don’t know what It’s like, to want to die take the rope, f**k life and hold on tight when I tell you I want to die, it’s no word of a lie its all building up, I’m weak, I just want to surrender the fight I can’t sleep at night, can’t sleep anymore my constant pain, my constant heart sore all the thoughts of death, I have and suicide I tell you about them, why do you expect me to hide I thought you were the one I could turn to when it got to much well you could of fooled me, my feelings you don’t want to touch I will just stay away, I get it, crystal clear but one day suicide will take over, then maybe you will realize my fear its ok, I get it, its not happening to you so it’s not a big deal, get over it, let it pass through here’s the thing I have to say, now it’s my turn to speak never push, me to far ‘cuz one day I’ll be weak and found shot dead in a car please don’t push me to far.

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